Ilka Sterebogen – Fertility Expert, Author & Naturopath


My own story showed me that you sometimes need to look at the big picture in order to find the right therapy and achieve emotional stability. The intensive feelings and aha moments during my own fertility journey are firmly anchored in my DNA. From deep in my heart came the vision: I want to create a place where women and couples who want to have a child can get precisely the support they need. All-in-one, focused, professional.

A Calling

How a vision became reality: the Intensive Fertility Programme brings together a wealth of experience, the latest insights and proven therapies to create an individual and comprehensive support programme. This is especially important if you’ve been waiting for your baby for a long time, trying lots of things out, and are now left wondering where to turn. Our exclusive support and 1:1 collaboration is based on mutual trust and a high degree of respect.


When any emotional confusion has been resolved, you feel physically well and everything has been carefully investigated, you have a very good basis for the next steps. Every time I find a handwritten birth announcement in my letterbox my heart leaps for joy. I thank my patients from the bottom of my heart for putting their trust in me and having the courage to try out new and unknown paths.

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