Fertility Immunology Check

Do you have immune system issues that might be getting in the way of your wish to become a parent?

At Kinderwunschpraxis Sterebogen we offer not only an Intensive Programme but also a Fertility Immunology Check.

The Fertility Immunology Check may be right for you if:

  • You’ve been diagnosed with an increased level of natural killer cells.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with an absence of KIR genes/receptors.
  • You’ve an autoimmune disease.
  • You’ve developed spermien antibodies.
  • You’d like an alternative to being treated with cortison/intralipid/granocyte.
  • You’re looking for a treatment that will regulate your immune system and not suppress it.
  • You want to know why you have increased levels of killer cells.
  • You’ve unspecified implantation issues.
  • You’ve suffered multiple miscarriages.

Our Fertility Immunology Check is specially tailored to those wanting to become pregnant. It’s offered as a package that includes the following:

  1. An extensive and comprehensive initial immunological consultation here in Limburg, including lab orders/blood tests.
  2. A follow-up appointment to discuss the results and begin treatment (can be held online or in our practice).
  3. An appointment after 3 months to evaluate progress, determine the current status and plan further action (can be held online or in our practice).

Important information:

  • Please plan at least 3 months for the treatment (we can only determine individual timelines once we have the lab results).
  • You can easily continue the treatment at home.
  • The package price does not include the lab work in a specialist laboratory or any medication prescribed once your results are known. These costs will be determined individually.
  • The treatment should be undertaken in good time BEFORE your (next) reproductive medicine cycle.
  • The treatment cannot be undergone in parallel with a cortison/intralipid treatment.
  • The treatment is not undergone in parallel with fertility treatment.
  • You benefit from treatment not only for a cycle, but ideally for a lifetime.

Your wish to become a parent has top priority and our comprehensive immunology check is exactly what you need right now? We are here for you:


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